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Welcome to Ayurvedha and Wellness

Ayurveda, the knowledge of life and longevity is perhaps the oldest existing body of knowledge on the healing process. A holistic knowledge system. Ayurveda deals with not just the physical, but also the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the environmental aspects of wellbeing. It is this multi-dimensional perspective that makes Ayurveda truly unique.

Ayurveda further defines health as happiness and disease as sorrow. It has a two-fold objective – to attain ‘Sukha’ – happiness and more importantly to prolong this state of bliss.

Ayurveda believes that every one of us is unique; there are no standard prescriptions or programs. We respect the individual in you and hence after a consultation with out Ayurveda Physician, a course of treatment is prescribed. This is based on a careful scrutiny of your lifestyle, your medical history, and your needs and in true royal mode, your likes and dislikes as well. The prescribed plan includes treatments that are administered by our trained therapists with the appropriate blend of oils and herbs. This consultation is extremely important for deciding the ideal Ayurveda program for you. For long term benefits, the physician will also offer a lifestyle consultation to befit your health requirements.

Ayurveda package includes few of the combination of below mentioned therapies as per the body constitutions –

ABHYANGA: The medicated herbal oil application, Abhyanga is not only a massage; it is a program where the oil is liberally applied using soft and gentle strokes in the downward direction. The mere soaking of the body in the prescribed oil for the said duration on a regular basis yields wide ranging benefits such as good appetite, alertness during the day, and good sleep at night and reduced stress levels. It removes fatigue and daily aches and pains, gives a glowing skin and most importantly helps to build your immunity.

UDVARTANA: A body toning program, Udvartana is the application of a combination of herbal powder and oil on the entire body, excluding the face. When this treatment is taken as part of a program including an appropriate diet, regular exercise and internal herbal medication, as prescribed by the Ayurveda Physician, it helps to reduce weight and gives you a well-toned body. The blend of powder and oil also acts as a scrub to improve the texture and rejuvenate your skin.

SHIRODHARA: Shirodhara is a classical and a well-established Ayurvedic procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. This procedure includes a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance.

KIZHI: This is an Ayurvedic procedure where heated herbs, oils, powders and other prescribed materials are tied into muslin bags to form boluses. These bags are then gently massaged with varying degrees of pressure on the body and to relieve the body pain. This is followed by specific massages, done using the fingers, heel of the hand or palm.

The 7 Day Program

  • Focussed on revitalising the individual, this program rids one of weariness and fatigue when the medicated oils and herbs are applied during the treatments
  • Cleansing procedures of the sensory organs combined with the internal medication and prescribed Yoga is the key to success of this simple rejuvenation program
  • Leads to overall complexion and energy boost.

The 14 day Program

  • More intensive treatments wherein the oils pervades beyond the layers of the skin.
  • Focus is given to healing and managing health issues.
  • The body goes through exhaustion hence prescribed routine and a strict diet is mandatorily adhered to.
  • Regular Yoga combined with therapy transforms the individual to a more energetic, alert and calm person with a great deal of positive energy
  • The senses and body are also renewed with a healthy glowing complexion

The 21 Day Program– A combination of above packages

Package Includes :

  • Minimum length of stay – 7 nights and above
  • Accommodation in Superior Charm Rooms (choose from Heritage or Tower Wing)
  • Complete diet meals for person undergoing treatment (BF / L / D) as advised by the Doctor during stay
  • Consultation with Ayurvedic doctor
  • Dietary advice as per body type
  • External treatments based on Doctor’s advice
  • Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation as per the body constitution
  • Above prices are inclusive of all current taxes
  • One city sightseeing by car


  • Internal medications are not included in the above packages
  • These packages cannot be clubbed with any other offers or packages
  • In case of only one person for treatment in a double room, the additional chargeswill be INR 1500 inclusive of current taxes per day charged on the Single room rate.
  • All other expenses will be extra

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